Top 5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

Microsoft is spending more than $10 billion per year building Azure data centers to support its commercial cloud and Azure businesses and in 2016 cloud revenue grew by 88%. So Yes! Azure is growing and Microsoft is moving his focus from On-Premise Systems to Cloud. But why should your company move all his Systems (or even some) to Azure?

Let's give a look at the top 5 reasons.



Azure facilitates organizations to subscribe to data center resources as a pay as you go model. Cloud computing a computing utility, you pay for what you use and not what you think you might use. Business managers like how easy it is to budget for cloud consumption versus investing capital upfront to build out their own data centers.

Microsoft has provided a simple tool to help calculate the costs associated with their infrastructure: click here.  Simply enter your requirements into the calculator and the results will be effortlessly provided.  


Most organizations have a challenging time time scaling out an application in the own data center. Not only are they hindered by physical infrastructure, but also by electricity/cooling,real estate and manpower, they also have to think about replicating this into new geographic areas.

Autoscaling is also a great tool.  Azure allows administrators to set thresholds on their instances so that the cloud can dynamically spin up new infrastructure, automatically on demand.

Project Velocity

In the today’s digital age, getting your application into production fast can mean everything.   Companies with budget restraints within their IT operation are constantly fighting for computing resources.  If the development team is ready to test and there’s no available infrastructure, your project is going to have to wait.  

Public Cloud infrastructure is an excellent resource for agile teams.  Not only can instances be turned on and off on demand, but all the data can remain in the cloud for the next user to use.


Public Cloud Infrastructure has developed into an exceptional platform to develop on and run your applications.  Azure has great functionality built into it to help protect your data and create fault tolerance across diverse geographic locations.

There is no comparison in the world that can hold a candle to the scale and investment that is Azure.


The Azure Cloud Platform has tremendous tools from Hosted Active Directory to spinning up Hadoop or Spark instances.  The entire system is intuitive and well thought, enabling your IT operation to have everything they need at the tips of their fingers.