Big Data

Big data is being generated by everything around us at all times. Every digital process and social media exchange produces it. Systems, sensors and mobile devices transmit it. Big data is arriving from multiple sources at an alarming velocity, volume and variety. To extract meaningful value from big data, you need optimal processing power, analytics capabilities and skills.

It was very nataural for dexelop to move from Business Intelligence to Big Data Analysis. In the last years we dealt with billion records analysis in many different fields. Today, thanks to Hadoop Framework, dexelop is able to manage your Bid Data Systems with very low costs and to easily extrapolate KPIs.


Big Data is

Competitive Advantage



The use of Big Data is becoming a crucial way for leading companies to outperform their competitors.


Decision Making



 Through the Analysis of Data the decision making is easier and is moving from the elite few to the empowered many.

Data Value


dexelop will help your company to turn your data into profit.